Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ah screw it...

My last blog post was from years ago. We can't say I am a dedicated blogger...

The need to reach out to strangers, to put one's voice out there, is still there, though. So will this time be different? Will I write more?

Maybe my error before was that I was writing for others rather than for me. I was writing with the hope of being read. Turns out, if I write for others, I find myself paralyzed. I am scared. Of trolls, of people not liking me, of misexpressing myself, of writing badly...

Talking about writing badly, I wrote a new books two years ago. I finished it and sent it to five editors. Why five? Because I am a little excessive and thought this was going to waranty my success... So far, no success. It's more, I was rejected by all literary agents I submitted my manuscript to. That is, despite all editors telling me my book was great.

So, right now, my moral is on the low. The only thing that makes me feel better is eating good food.
Which brings me here. I have so many barely used cooking books; it seems a waste not to try their recipes out.

I will test out the recipes and comment on them. I am not a professional chef, just someone who believes eating healthy doesn't mean the food has to be bland.

So there you have it. I'll try that. Once in a while. No pressure. And if no one reads, that's ok. I'm doing this for me.

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