Friday, May 25, 2018

Schnitzel, pizza and ribollita

Again, long time no see.

My dad came to visit me in Germany for two weeks. Then I went to Italy with my cousin.

Culinary-wise, I've tried mushroom schnitzels from a Schnizelerei near from the Airbnb room in Berlin. Schnizels are typical for meat-loving (and asparagus-loving) Germany--I just didn't get the chance to try it yet because...well... you know... meat.

The mushroom schnizels were delicious, and served with lemon wedges and a warm potato salad, and beer (which is also normally vegan-friendly here).

By the way, my dad says Germany has the best beer he's ever tasted!

Now, for Italy, my cousin and I went to Florence first. I fell in love with the ribollita and kept ordering it in every restaurants we were. A soup thick enough to be eaten with a fork (although they still serve it with a spoon).

My cousin didn't enjoy the food there, though. Saying that she's had better carbonara in Canada.

We also tried pizza and that was all very disappointing. In Brazil, I've had much better pizza than in Italy. They are quite skimpy topping-wise. And that's even worst for me because I was also asking without cheese.

The best pizza I ate was in Rome. In a pizza kebab. They had these squares of pizza with only tomato sauce on it. Then, I asked them to add eggplants from their salad bar on it. The eggplant had been marinating in a oil and spices mixture, so it gave the pizza some kick. Delicious!

We also tried gelatto, but I was again disappointed. Only two vegan options in a store that found pride in having vegan options. Hazelnut and chocolate. It was good, but I was hoping for something fruity.

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